Kristilega skólahreyfingin – KSH was founded in 1979 by its two member organisation Kristilegt stúdentafélag – KSF and Kristileg skólasamtök – KSS. KSH is a part of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). Skólahreyfingin strives to unite Christian students aged 16-30 years old to strengthen their faith and equip them to share the gospel on campus, in their home, with friends and at work. For that purpose they have been able to hire one half-time staff worker. Its member organisations KSS (Christian fellowship for high school students) and KSF (Christian fellowship for students) are based in Reykjavík and serve students in the capital area. Currently there is no special program for non-Icelandic speakers but we would love to provide it if asked. You are also very welcome to join our program in Icelandic and make a connection with your fellow Icelandic siblings in Christ. Communicating in English is not a problem.  

KSS (for 16-20 years old) meets every Saturday evenings except for summer break at 20:30 at YMCA/YWCA main building, Holtavegur 28, 104 Reykjavík. KSS runs two camps per year: one in early October and another during Holy week berfore Easter.  
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KSF (for 20-30 years old) meets every second Thursday evening except for summer break at 20:00 at Kristniboðssalurinn, Háaleitisbraut 58-60 (3d floor), 108 Reykjavík. Its yearly student camp is in February. 
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We kindly ask you to support by praying for our work and consider to make a regular donation.

For further information please contact ksh@ksh.is